WhenLast, an iOS app by Red Paper Sack


  • iPhone and iPod Touch
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WhenLast is for keeping a record of when something last happened. Do you know when you last took the dog out, drank a glass of water, fed the baby, or bought an app? Keep track of it all with timestamps in WhenLast.

It's a simple idea that we needed to execute without complicating the process. After keeping track of things by writing out times and dates in a Notes file, we knew there could be a better way.

Create events and get an idea of when you last did anything in your list at a quick glance. If you've got something on a schedule, you'll know just by opening the app whether or not it's time for it to happen again.

All it takes is a single tap to add a timestamp to your event. WhenLast will keep track of every timestamp forever. You'll be able to see as far back into the past as when you first created a stamp. You can delete stamps from your list using the Edit button at the top right.

That's it! That's all it takes to keep track of when things happen. No longer will you be adding lines to a page in Notes or searching for that sheet of paper lying somewhere around the house and the pen that never stays put.

Grab WhenLast from the iTunes App Store and start adding stamps today!