About us here at Red Paper Sack

Just a couple regular dudes from Austin.

Red paper Sack is a very small company based in Austin, Texas. With experience in both development and design, we specialize in a little bit of everything.

Our experience—in case you didn't see our work section—is in a bunch of different areas. The branding and identity of companies, groups, projects, and products is one thing we especially love. We work with both pixels and ink making websites and business cards, and apps and t-shirts. We kind of like to think that we do it all when it comes to design and development.

With the mobile market still growing and apps becoming more and more relevant, we're obviously onboard. We've developed a couple different products for iOS and are always working on new ideas there.

We love taking simple ideas and developing them into full-scale projects. Starting simple and ending pure is a constant goal for us.